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Friday, October 8, 2010
9:16 PM on ourloveyacht

Dang! It's the busiest Friday ever at work & it ended up in disaster. We could barely catch our breath, & trust me, the lil ones ain't cooperating with us at all. In the early morn, was informed that there'll be a meeting in the afternoon. So, we gobbled our food in short 15 mins or even less. Damn, my stomach's really bloated thanks to the rush. ):

Sigh, the pain in my head is acting up again, could it be the pressure i wonder. I wanna head for massage soon to relieve the stress. (:

Been craving for chocolates during work recently. I need chocolates badly. I don't know why. Kinder Bueno please.

Saturday, October 2, 2010
6:35 PM on ourloveyacht

You can never stop learning about love.
Both partners have to do their part to build a happy marriage.

6:18 PM on ourloveyacht

Today was Cherie Hearts' sports and games day! Oh my gawd, dope man. No regrets. We were representing the West Zone so we were all clad in green, uh huh so environmentally friendly hah. hahah! But green still looks sucky & silly to me. Plus the brand that was sponsored, a big no-no to me. And the other Zones in Red, Blue and HQ in Yellow.

Oh well, i participated in the 3-legged monster event together with my buddy-Didi. (: I guess it's the telepathy between us that made us the winner. We received a small cosmetic pouch each. Overall, the West Zone was announced the Champion. I think we really cooperated well with the other teachers. Kudos to us!

Thanks to all lovely ones that made my day! (Y)

Wednesday, September 29, 2010
10:05 PM on ourloveyacht

I get tired easily nowadays. ):

Anyhoos, one incident that just happened few hours ago at Bukit Merah, it really did scare the shit out of me. It involved two uncles quarrelling big time, then the first uncle stepped forward closer to the other, then the 2nd uncle stepped back and ran off.

This is the scariest part, the 2nd uncle came back with a long sharp weapon. Damn shocked! They were just right beside us. Shit. Moved to another table quickly. Lol. Mummy & i was just dropping by for dinner & yet we witnessed such a scene. But thank goodness, they didn't continue. Phew.

Alright folks, i'm gonna get my bath then off to bed soon.
I'm too tired to say anything.

Sunday, September 26, 2010
6:40 PM on ourloveyacht

I was left abandoned on a lovely Sunday, but that's fine cos it means that i can get started blogging on what i've been doing for the past few days. (: Be prepared for a long post alright.

Oh did i mentioned that i'm not working for F1 this year. Yeah, would like to take a break. Instead i chose to go msia with Bf. Well, i believe most of you will be surprised to know that this is the first time i met the boy's family and also this is his first time bringing his Gf home to see his parents. Yes Sharon, be honoured. (:

I've so much to say, it's endless. What i could say is that his parents were very welcoming & friendly. His dad sat down & chatted with me, shared his experiences, and got to know more about our relationship. Most of the time i'd to converse in Mandarin but i'm glad i did fine.

It was about time for his lil sister, Joey to end school, so we drove around to view houses and went to the country club first before heading to fetch his sister. It was a rather cute scene when i opened the car door, the first person she saw was me & her shy expression just made us laugh. hahah. Bf was saying we looked like a family. How sweet. Went to buy ice cream for her then.

This sweet young thing over here started playing with me back at home. I could get along with her cos it was also my passion & profession that mould me to what i'm today. Then after, Bf's daddy drove us out to a seafood restaurant for dinner. He recommended that restaurant to me. His father picked the biggest crab pincer to my plate. Stunned. Lol! Anyhoos, the meal was really gratifying, will be back again. At that moment i felt really comfortable being with his family.

Back home & we gave Joey a choice to whom she wants to bath for her. And she chose me. hahah. Thank goodness i've learned it at work. While i was bathing for her, the boy and the father watched & kept teasing her that the whole world is watching her bath. hahah. Funny.

Accompanied her a while then went out for movies. Drove for about half an hour. We made it in time but there were some unhappiness there & i don't wish to talk about it. We watched Piranha & you ought to believe me that it's gawd damn disgusting ttm! Lol. This movie is already filming in msia, but not yet in sing.

Following morning, we got up pretty early for dim sum breakfast with the family, this time round together with the elder sis. She just came back from Taiwan, & gave me a box of face masks as a gift. Thanks! It was completely unexpected. (:

Baby went Sing with me as his competition starts at 12, & i've got an appointment with the girls for dim sum at Yum Cha restaurant in Chinatown to celebrate Mel's bday. Yes, dim sum again. But still, i enjoyed it. KOI's craving was solved like finally, & afterwhich the girls went kbox. I didn't stay long as it was our anni, and i made it a point to meet the boy for dinner.

I couldn't believe myself that i travelled all the way to the west just to surprise him. Lol. Yes, i seldom do that cos to me, it's really frustrating, tedious & scary. Now i could fully understand how much Baby have sacrificed for me. Throughout this 2 days, i've learned much more than before. I'm so glad i made the right choice by choosing Bf over F1.

Baby, i'll be more understanding, i promised.


Sunday, September 19, 2010
12:40 AM on ourloveyacht

Lovely Sunday spent with Love over at ECP. It was a random decision but i like. Anyhoos, it was a cool sunny day and we'd fun cycling and teasing each other. And bf's mischievous deeds almost landed me into an accident. He couldn't stop tickling me & thus my bike went haywire. Lol. Angry! Made him apologise like a silly boy. Hee. Amazingly we weren't feeling exhausted throughout the ride.

Cycled for about 2 hours, returned our bikes, washed up and cabbed over to Eunos. Dammit, that's when misfortune struck us. Bf left his phone in the cab. Frantically i dialled the SMRT hotline, & it really tested my patience. Kept prompting me to hold the line, blah blah black sheep. What for having a hotline when it takes forever for them to pick it up. Gave up, and went for dinner. I would like to conclude that my bf is the ultimate careless guy, like always. (:

But overall, i enjoyed the day thanks to the boy.

Saturday, September 11, 2010
1:16 PM on ourloveyacht

Boyfriend made my day! (:

Thursday, September 2, 2010
11:48 PM on ourloveyacht

Most people will have felt homesick at some time in their lives, perhaps when they're younger, & it's easy to forget just how overwhelming it can be. But throughout my 19+ years young, i've yet to overcome this problem. Sometimes, the transition takes longer & very often the feeling emerges as homesickness where there's a preoccupation with home-focused thoughts. I can't really handle my emotions well when homesickness hits on me, & it scares my bf too. :/

Oh well, i'm still a mummy's girl.

Yay, mummy's gonna be back tomorrow! I miss her way too much.

And, i'm not gonna poke my nose into other people's business. It doesn't pay to be nice. Really.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010
6:25 PM on ourloveyacht

This is the first time i'm celebrating as a teacher. (:

Yesterday's company dinner at TCC was pretty much enjoyable with loads of camwhoring. Lol. Well, that's what happens when all ladies come together. The food was not really up to my expectation. I would definitely prefer the soup at either Marche or The Soup Spoon. For the main course, i'm not gonna place that order again. Dessert, presentation looked appealing but it wasn't to my liking cos it's way too sweet for me. I shall just head there purely for coffee. hahah.

Received loads of chocolates from parents, tasted several cakes too. It's making me FAT! hahah. I would like to thank Yvette's mom for being extremely thoughtful to get us that cake which needed to queue for very long. So touching. :/

Anyway, it's fun being a teacher. You'll get a day off today! Hee hee.

It's an off day for me, initially i wanted to hit the beach, or somewhere nice to relax. But i've no idea why bf refused. It's making me sad, but i think he doesn't know. I mean, i hardly get a day off but yet not enjoying it with him. He's not even occupied with anything. Big sigh. ):

I don't wish to let a day go to waste, so decided to go rollerblading with my colleague since she's free. Rushed out & halfway through i rummaged my bag & realised that i've forgotten to bring along my hp! I hate this. Thank goodness we've planned where we're gonna meet. Phew.

Met up & worse still, she thought that i'm bringing my cammy & i thought that she's bringing her cammy. So ended up no cameras at all. Argh. Meaning no pictures of us. ): But never mind, i'm glad we'd so much fun. Laughing & joking like there's no tomorrow. :D

Oh ya, i'm sorry that we missed out macdonald breakfast! ):

Saturday, August 28, 2010
5:40 PM on ourloveyacht

Konnichi wa! (:

Well, mom's gonna fly off tonight & i'm pretty upset about it. No one's gonna buy my milk for me, no one's gonna wake me up. Okay, i've to be independent this week then. Hope she'll have a safe trip too. :D

When i was younger, i probably didn't even fully fathom love's true meaning back then. But as we grow older, we start to understand that love is a lot more than just a feeling. On the 25th of this month, it marks our 18th monthsary. We've been through a lot together, we fought for this relationship, which makes us treasure our love more than anything else. Although i'm a perfectionist, no relationship is perfect. Every mistake is a lesson, we've to learn from it & not to repeat it again.

The boy gave me a lovely surprise that very night after work. I headed over to somerset to meet Baby. And i asked him what are we gonna have for dinner. He shrugged his shoulders & said don't know. To be honest, i felt a tinge of disappointment cos i told him to decide beforehand. Oh well, so he tricked me. He held my hand tightly & led me to this restaurant - Pocket Full Of Posies & Greenhouse Cafe. Then he pointed to that table with the swing, saying that we'll sit there. However i noticed the reserved sign on the table. But ignored it then after.

We'd our food, followed by dessert. Oh i love the waffles with ice cream! :D When the dessert was served, the lady brought over a bouquet of flowers & mention something like, lend you all for phototaking. I laughed & replied 'orh okay'. But then it turned out to be a surprise. Baby bought the flowers much earlier on, reserved the seats & even conspired with the auntie to bring it in during our dessert. That's so sweet of Baby! Love him to bits!

I miss him.

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